Hermano is a "stoner rock" supergroup formed in 1998 and which currently consists of John Garcia (Kyuss/Unida), David Angstrom (Black Cat Bone/Supafuzz), Steve "Dandy" Brown (Dock Ellis/Orquesta del Desierto), Chris Leathers (Supafuzz) and Mike Callahan (Disengage/Earshot).

As a result of its members' seperate geographical locations and touring schedules with their other bands, Hermano has become legendary for the dislocated way in which it does its recordings with each musician performing his parts in separate studios, separate cities, and at separate times.

Hermano's third and latest album, 'In the Exam Room', which follows on from 'Only a Suggestion' (2002) and 'The Sweet and Easy of Brief Happiness'(2005), was recorded in various locations all over the United States including the Californian desert, the Great Lakes of Ohio, Georgia and Kentucky. Its material travelled a distance of over 30,000 miles before ending up in the mixing studio.

Despite this unusual method of recording, Hermano has become notorious for the heartfelt honesty and emotional intensity of its music. The group plays brief, but regular tours.

These photographs were taken at a show at the Underworld in London on November 7th at a rare British date exclusively for Pennyblackmusic by Matt Williams.

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