There can’t be many bands that have played Mexborough and I certainly haven’t been to a gig there before, although I have been through the train station on my travels many times but never actually stopped there. If you know the history of South Yorkshire then it will come as no surprise to know that Mexborough is very much an ex-miners' town thats seem to be trying to shake off its past but without much success. It is difficult to see the town and not think of 'Brassed Off', the 1996 film with Ewan McGregor. Bearing the town's past, any band playing here must be wondering why they ever came here, and if you are a Goth band you must be a little nervous to say the least. Still when you are supporting NFD you should expect the unexpected and be grateful for the challenge rather than playing to the converted.

Rhombus take to the stage with surprising ease and with little notice from the crowd, but as soon as they strike a chord one or two heads turn towards the stage. Rhombus seem to be in good spirits and seem determined to enjoy themselves despite a poor turn out. They launch in to a couple of numbers before welcoming the crowd and then pick up where they left off. Rhombus sound like a very traditional 8O's Goth band and it is difficult to listen to Rhombus without comparing them to the likes of the early Sisters of Mercy and Mission, Ghost Dance or more recently bands like Inkubus Sukkubus. To be fair though any band that uses a drum machine and two guitars will find themselves labelled with past bands such as these.

Rhombus know what they sound like and they are unashamed of it which makes it easier to swallow, in the same way that Madonna is unashamed about her songs being disposal pop. Rhombus' songs are full of humour , as the titles of the opening song 'Love You Till Closing Time' and 'Only Want You When I’m Drunk', which comes later in the set, both convey. It is hard not to like Rhombus but for me the best thing about them is not the great guitar work by Robert Walker and Simon Cardwell, the latter of whom who looks suspiciously like Wayne Hussey on a bad hair day. It's not the sense of humour in the songs or the good looks of front man Ed Grassby, but the backing vocals of guest vocalist Mya. Her voice makes the whole sound stand out bigger than a Sergeant Major's chest on Remembrance Day; it raises it above the level of mediocrity and gives it a more solid sound, a firmer foundation. Her voice is higher pitched than most and has it has the ability to seduce much like a siren becking sailors and ships on to the rocks. Needless to say with a voice like hers, it’s perfectly suited to Rhombus' sound.

After eight or nine songs Rhombus announce their last song, which surprises me greatly as I did not notice the time going that quickly. Did Rhombus manage to convert any of the crowd here tonight? Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t but they certainly made a few friends here tonight and that is a step in the right direction.

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