I don’t tend to turn up early at gigs but when it comes to the Repomen I will always make an extra effort. The Repomen are a Sheffield based band and tonight they are supporting their hometown band Little Man Tate at London’s 100 Club. I don’t know much about Little Man Tate but, having had chance to listen to a few of their lively and edgy tracks before the gig, I have high expectations.

It’s only 7:45 when I walk down the dark curvy stairs leading inside of the venue. The venue is in the shape of a thin rectangle with a bar on the right side. The stage is in the middle running along the back wall facing the exit door.

By 8:30, just before Repomen are due on the stage, the front auditorium is comfortably filling up with people. The band approach their instruments and open the evening with a catchy tune. Denzil Watson, the lead singer, jumps on the stage a second before his voice is due to join in with the energetic stream of music of his band. The music is fast and easy to befriend.

The following song ‘A Different Situation’, from the band’s latest ‘Dietrich’ EP, switches to a slightly calmer peace. The song has a a jingly sound which feels quite soothing. Denzil brings on his tambourine and wanders into the auditorium for a closer look at tonight’s fans. Unfortunately his microphone is restricted by a 10 metre long wire so, after tangling up a few fans, he has to return back onto the stage.

Tonight is only the second time the Repomen have ever played in London but you wouldn’t guess that from the audience's reaction. They certainly don’t leave many people sitting still with their lively music. A couple down the front are certainly not resisting the temptation to dance.

‘She’s In Love’ is one of the band’s older songs but even if you don’t know it it’s not difficult to join in singing the chorus with Denzil: “I love her, yeah she’s in love, I love her, yeah she is love…”

The Repomen close their bubbly set with a brand new song and then leave the stage accompanied to generous applause.

After a short break it’s time for the next supporting band. Unfortunately I forget their name instantly which is pretty much the same that I can say about their performance which comes across as somewhat monotonous.

When the clock hits 10 o’clock it’s time for Little Man Tate. The venue is definitely sold out tonight. The fans are squashing right up against the stage. When the band open their set everyone is off jumping up and down and throwing themselves around to the rhythms of their assertive tune.

As I said this is the first time I have had the chance to see Little Man Tate, but after a few minutes I feel as if I knew the band for some time. Their songs treat us to a great edgy rhythm. Lead singer Jon Windle’s voice dominates the music and the fans, especially those in the front of the stage.

After about four songs I decide to experience what it’s like to be a huge Little Man Tate fan and fight my way through the crowd into the sweaty front lines. There I join in all the wild jumping and screaming out. The band are giving it everything and provoking their fans with their fiery music to do the same. After a few minutes I return to the safety of the back of the venue and watch a young man being lifted and thrown on top of the other fans’ heads and then with all excitement tossed forward onto the stage. As I find out later he lands hard on the stage monitors!

It’s 10:45 when Little Man Tate attempt to leave the stage but they don’t bother to go far. Only a minute later they return to their instruments and the final encore.

I can’t really talk for everyone who has come tonight but I believe everyone had a great time, although some people might wake up tomorrow with some serious bruises.

The top three photos of Little Man Tate were taken by Denzil Watson exclusively for Pennyblackmusic

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