It’s just after 8 pm and I’m walking along Liverpool Road in North East London looking for the Islington Academy Bar. I’m hoping to see the Guildford based band Moly tonight. My ticket says the venue is only 2 minutes walk from the tube, but it is only after nearly 20 minutes that I find the venue which is located right in the hub of a new and very modern shopping centre – Where else would it be ????

The Islington Academy Bar is on the first floor. To be fair the first floor has other bars and pubs to complement the going out mood. I get through the door and enter the venue. The venue is irregular shaped – something like a rectangle with a V shape cut out of one side. The first band are already on. I don’t know their name but they look painfully mainstream-sweet-faced boys trying to look nasty and with a similarly matching sound. There are approximately two dozen girls, all in skirts of about 3 inches in length, standing along the walls and bar watching the band with admiration. When the band finishes their set they are awarded with great applause.

The next band on are Moly. I must admit I can’t really see the girly teenage audience appreciating Moly who are instrumental and definitely not mainstream. Just before Moly come on the stage the front part of the audience, however, completely changes. For a start they are all definitely adults.

Moly’s first tune is called ‘The Things I Could Do To You With a Coathanger' from their ep 'It Rained But We Cheered'. It starts very gently and slowly but second by second becomes more and more powerful, escalating in its colour and noise, both of which are put neatly in exactly the right place in the music. I notice a few fans keep their eyes closed during the set to ultimately focus on the music.

The next tune, ‘Cut Me Mick’, is just as powerful. Some people may complain if a band are playing their music loud but Moly’s music must have been written that way. The music is driven by two guitars, lightened up by a refined bass and edged with drums sometimes storming into the sky and sometimes whooshing gently in the background.

All of the tunes that the four piece are playing last at least 5 minutes each. You would, however, never realize that while you listen to them. It’s only when the band end the set with their last song ‘Mild Heart Attack #3’ that you become aware of the present again.

With the determination to keep the gig in my mind I decide for a sharp exit before I start paying more attention to the people surrounding me…

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