Graham Coxon has come a long way since leaving Blur. 'Live at the Zodiac' was filmed at an Oxford gig and showcases his four solo albums, which are full on punky affairs. His vocals at times during this set still sound very Blur like.

The footage of the gig itself is somewhat short, lasting just over an hour, but the DVD also contains promo videos of three songs from his latest album, 'Happiness in Magazines', and a film of a short acoustic set Graham played at the Institute of the Contemporary Arts in London where he was also exhibiting some of his art work. I enjoyed thislatter set a lot. Graham plays very delicately like Nick Drake, but looks very uncomfortable in the clean atmosphere of the ICA, a venue which is full of super snobs and arty types.

This is an excellent DVD if you want to relive your Blur days without getting sweaty, but is likely to appeal just to hardcore fans only.

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