The Chicago band Urge Overkill are known worldwide for their cover of Neil Diamond song ‘Girl You Will Be A Woman Soon’. The song appeared in Quentin Tarantino's 1994 film 'Pulp Fiction'.

What people around the world aren’t as much aware of is that the song was actually released 2 years before the film and came out on the band’s ‘Stull’ EP. It wouldn’t be fair to credit all the success of the band to 'Pulp Fiction'. By that time the band had a big following in Chicago and many other parts of the US, had toured both the US and Europe side by side with Nirvana and released 4 albums.

‘Stull’ is recording that catches the band at possibly their most musically versatile. The 6 track EP has a lot of variation to it, but none of the songs on it lack quality.

‘Girl You Will Be A Woman Soon’ unwinds the EP with stylish and sensational attitude. The very first tones of guitars, which accompanied by the words, 'Girl… You will be a woman soon' smoothly penetrate straight into you. It’s an irresistible song to dance to.

The following songs on 'Stull', however, provide a deeper insight into the band’s style.

The title track has more of a soul feel to it. It’s very laid back with its simple rhythm and has more focused lyrics.

‘Stitches’ is another cover song. It was originally written by Alan Milman (formerly of Man-Ka-Zam) and is the complete opposite to the previous two tracks. A rough punk riff drives the song accompanied by the determined lyrics of “I wanna kill somebody, I wanna kill someone just for fun”. The tune is the sort that causes riots, but there is a lot melody drifting in and out as well. The lyrics, of course, shouldn't be taken at all seriously.

The fifth 5th song‘(Now That’s) The Barclords’ of the EP is also punky and has an edgy rhythm, which is cut together by strong guitarand drum work

The EP closes with ‘Guywille’ which is in similar style to ‘Girl You Will Be A Woman Soon’. The bass guitar which appears in the background sounds like it is almost bleeding with desire when attached to the lyrics “Here I am. Right where you can feel me and right here is where you can see me. Hey that’s how it has to be.”

Fuly credit to Urge Overkill ! I have no doubt they can do pretty much anything with their music and their following albums have definitely proved that.

So, to sum it all up, whether you heard of Urge Overkill or not ,the chances are you will find something in their repertoire you will like. It’s definitely worth a try and ‘Stull’ is the best starting point.

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