This Saturday night is my 4th gig by Gene in just over a week. It is also their third night in a row at this 800 capacity North London venue and, like the Thursday and Friday nights gigs, is completely full and sold out

The band's set over the three nights varied each evening, but the main set on each occasion had similar numbers played in different running orders.

Gene have been around since '94, but this material to me hasn't aged at all and the band are on form and out to rock and prove they still have the goods to offer.Martin Rossiter is standing tall as he delivers number after number of classy English tales to a loving crowd.

This final set lasts just over 95 minutes. By the end we all go home, happy and pleased. With support sets over the different nights by Loveless who were formely Silvertongue, Mower and a solo set by Mower's frontman Matt Motte, this was a great 3 night stand.

Thanks for everything, Gene ! Keep on rocking !

Set List :

The British Disease.
We Could Be Kings
Where Are They Now
Speak to Me Someone
Baby, I am Sorry(New)
Let Me Move On
As Good as It Gets
Walking in the Shadows
Your Never Walk Again
Rising for Sunset
Fighting Fit
Haunted by You,

1st Encore :

You (Acoustic Version)
Sleep Well Tonight
For the Dead

2nd Encore :

London, Can You Wait

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