As Britain's biggest city, London has the widest choice for bands. There is always a good band to go and see which ever evening you feel like. The Repomen, who are based in  Sheffield, have, however, never played there. I’ve been playing the band’s songs from their debut album ‘Seventeen Again’ for nearly a year now. When I received their latest EP'Moonlight Driving/The Finest Line' I couldn't wait to see them live any longer. And so on Monday the 27th October I set off on the 4 hour bus journey to Sheffield and the Repomen's next show.

Fortunately the Sheffield venue Casbah, that the Repomen are playing tonight, is only about 10 minutes walk from the station, (if you know the way!), and so shortly before 9 I find myself standing in its bar warming up with white wine.

Impatiency rises. As I look around the room, it slowly fills up with people queueing up for drinks or sitting around on the chairs of the red painted room. It's coming up to 10 when the door leading downstairs to the venue itself finally opens.

The concert hall has right opposite its main door the stage which is occupied by keyboards, drums and 2 guitars on each side. People shyly gather around the 2 big pillars in front of it putting their beer glasses on its edges.

Luckly we don't have to wait for long as the 4 piece Repomen almost immediately come on the stage. "Hi everyone!" Denzil Watson, the lead singer of the band, greets us "Nice to see you again".

The first song is called 'Eyes On The Road'. Rick Bower plays the keyboards as Denzil sings in a sad voice “You look so pretty crying in the rain”. When James Hughes, the drummer and Simon Tiller, the bassist, join in, the music builds up into a roar.

The second song 'Lights Out' comes with a dedication. It's energetic, driven by raw guitars and has a fast rhythm which can't let you stand still. In fact, it didn't leave Steve Lamacq standing still either when he decided to play it on his show and the song became one of the band's best known numbers.

It’s the first time I have seen the Repomen live, but it’s easy to give into their seductive melodies. They probably know that well and treat us to another song from the album ‘She's In Love’. The rebelious attitude of the song is the final temptation for many and soon people in the front of the stage start dancing.

‘Moonlight Driving’ has only just been released, but it seems the band’s fans know it by heart. The song has a slightly bitter feel to it, but this only makes it sound more emotive. Equally emotive and convincing is the following song, ‘Songs They Never Play On Radio’ which was inspired by the tragic story of Nico.

Well, that’s nearly it. "Thank you everyone for coming!" says Denzil. "The last song is called 'Save Yourself' so save yourself if you can." There couldn’t be a better and more encouraging end to the Repomen's set. “Don’t get sucked in by religion, save yourself with rock n’ roll!” thunders Denzil followed by some equally powerful music.

And that's it! Leaving the Casbah behind and catching the last coach back to London I know I couldn't have spent tonight's evening in any better way. Now I'm thinking what it will be like when the Repomen play at the Casbah again supporting the Undertones on the 20th December…

Set list:

Eyes On The Road
Lights Out
Turkish Song (as yet untitled)
Outta Here
Big Decision
She's In Love
Moonlight Driving
Songs They Never Play On Radio
Save Yourself

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