Even though the 100 Club is situated in Oxford Street, one of the busiest streets in London,it looks tiny from outside. It is, however, surprisingly big when you enter it.

The stage is situated on the right next to the entrance. People are gathering mostly at the sides of the stage, but this changes when the London based group the Capes walk onto the stage. That is a signal for the audience to start merging in front of the stage.

The Capes have the look of innocent angels, but make music with the strength of the devil. Singer Chris’s self-conscious voice dominates the hall. The band's song 'Its My Party And I'll Die If I Want To' (from the band's forthcoming album), as its title suggests, has a reckless and aggressive tone which the audience laps up.

The headliners of tonight are Medium 21 who come up on the stage after 10. Their John, the singer, dominates the stage with his tall height. The hall is filled up with loud music in the next second. A yellow spot lights travel sall around the hall and , connecting with the music, helps to create an almost psychedelic atmosphere.

Medium 21 have just released their debut album 'Killing from the Dial' and most of their songs come from that. 'Acting Like A Mirror' brims with rebellious attitude and squeaking guitars.

Craig, the keyboardist, is really struggling not to give in to dancing and to keep playing his instrument.

Towards the end the venue seems to be almost over-floating with music, and I find myself a bit lost in the noise looking for the tune. It's nearly 11 when Medium 21 finish their set. Great applause follows accompanying the 5 piece band as they walk off the stage and leave their instruments behind.

Medium 21 are band that is just on the go working their way up and gathering more and more fans. That was proved tonight when they filled up 100 Club. Signed to the major new label Temptation records, their year has got off to a really good start. Let's hope they are able to maintain the strong character of their music for years to come.

The Capes will appear at Penny Black Music Night at the Spitz on the 26th April along with Magoo, Jim Reid (the Jesus & Mary Chain former) and Rothko.

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