Well, what you can say when someone asks you "What is you favourite album and why ?"

A favourite album is one that you can listen to forever without being bored.

I first heard the Velvets round about 1979, when I first became interested in punk. In those days, my favourite groups were 60's bands and those with a forward thinking attitude. I loved the energy of punk and the non conformity of it all. Still do.

I can't even remember when I first heard this album. The cover is a classic. It was recorded in four days and the band were named after the underground book by Michael Leigh whose subject matter the Velvets endorsed.

This record is a favourite of students as it is an adult record. It is rock 'n' roll. It is sex and drugs. It is real. There is a song about the joy of a peaceful Sunday morning, and songs also about scoring and doing drugs, parties, reflection, life, the whole fucking shit, all played well, but not overplayed with ease or overpowering energy.

The birth of punk rock started in 1967 with this record. If you are not moved by 'Heroin', then you're not human. This sold nothing on release, but everyone should own one. Lou Reed, street poet ; John Cale, muso ; Maureen Tcker, the most basic drummer ever ; Sterling Morrison, adding his chinging guitar lines to those of Reed and Nico with her film star looks and cool stare. A classic album without a doubt.

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