First established in 1999, the Homegrown Fanzine is a West of Scotland based fanzine that focuses primarily on both new and established Scottish acts. It editor is Niall Morrison.

New editions of Homegrown come out approximately three times a year and while Niall writes the bulk of the material, it also features the work of various other contributors from all over Britain. Each edition normally has 150 copies.

The sixth and current edition, which runs to thirty two pages, came out in February and has interviews with Urusei Yatsura, Trojka and Peeps into Fairyland. There are also live reviews of Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Teenage Fanclub, And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead, and Grease Monkeys shows ; albums and singles reviews ; a fanzines page and a mailorder and distibution catalogue for small Scottish bands. Copies cost £1.00.

The feature below is also from the sixth edition, and describes an Idlewild concert at the Glasgow Barrowlands, which also featured support slots from Desalvo and Turn (the subject of a Pennyblackmusic interview in our December edition). Homegrown's seventh edition is due out in May

Idewild with Desalvo and Turn Live October 2000

Desalvo-You never get three ace bands in one evening, do you ? Wrong ! Tonight Desalvo pull out all the stops to a somwhat blissfully, unaware, anxious crowd. A quite short but spectacular set was, however, spat out at us, including dreadlock friend manic Richie * indulging in some shirt ripping behind his drumkit two songs in. A combo existing purely on loud disjointed guitar distortion in-between frantic, unforgiving vocals, which they rely prominently, and correctly so. Also heavily pounded drums beat to complete the unique apocalyptic sound hailing them as Glasgow's angriest, yet most musically united force. Having undoubtedly proven their ability to blow punters heads then spit down their necks in a spate of prolific recent live shows around the city, they take delight in threatening any listener and are equally harsh with their demanding energy on record too (even if the singer does resemble a boy band heart-throb !) * Not that manic, Richie !

Turn get a surprisingly screamy cheer as they waltz on. Ollie continually thanks the crowd for their marvellous support tonight. With their posture, black signature suits and charming Irish humour they have the crowd right in their hands. Turn, by the reaction, could look like the headlining act. They play the ever funky 'Queen of My Heart', Ollies fav. 'Antisocial' and then two rock competitors, 'Beratta' and 'Too Much Make-Up'. This performance is such an adrenaline high, leaving the crowd weary before the headliners are even in the room.

A big 100 is draped across the back with video screens either side. Idlewild walk on and are welcomed as heroes. Roddy gives a wee hello as they burst into 'Listen to What You've Got'. From this point on it's all the favoruites along with extras like '4 People Do Good' and a couple of new songs which sounded really good and melodic. The Barrowlands was sold out and there's nothing better than a packed gig there. The only hiccup came 3/4 into the gig when Bob's bass seemed to give up due to the abuse it got. The band make up a wee tune on the spot (I think they're getting used to it), then Bob's bass starts the set for 'I am a Message' which was one of the highlights. Another was when Roddy and Rod played 'Happy to be Here Tonight' which I think was due to fan's demand for a live version. It was good but the sound was too deep and moisy whereas it should have been lighter and clearer sounding. Still, it was great to hear it. The night came to a chaotic end as 'You Have to be Just Who You Are' ripped everything to shreds. The crowd wanedt more but then again I think most were too knackered to go on any longer.

Injuries : Swollen purple ankle, ten bruises, sore genitals from labing on the barrier, sore bum from being pinched and massive bruise on bum from sliding down and falling off the banister (which was pre-gig).

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